Blinds for Christmas?

Now that the clocks have gone back and we’re on the countdown to Christmas, have you considered giving your windows a bit of a revamp? At this time of year, when it’s virtually pitch black by 5pm, your big, heavy curtains are probably already blocking out what little sunshine we do get. By choosing a roller blind or Venetian blind you can maximise on the little light that we do receive. Having a blind will also enable you to inject some vibrant colour into the room and give it a lift.

People often worry that by swapping curtains for blinds that they will lose heat. This is not the case. Blinds are great for retaining heat and you will be just as warm and cosy in the winter months by investing in a set.

Maybe you’re having friends or relatives to stay over Christmas? If you are, when was the last time you gave your guest room a bit of a makeover? By having some brand new blinds in your guest room to match the décor and bedding, you can almost convince people that you’ve revamped the whole room!

So what kind of blinds should you go for?

Well, roller blinds are a versatile, practical and affordable way of giving any room a bit of an update. You can have them made to measure to fit any of your windows. In terms of design then there is plenty to go for. You can go for florals, block colours or maybe a blackout blind, do a bit of research and see what would suit the room best. Blinds take up a lot less room than curtains so they can actually make your room look bigger and give it a different vibe.

Alternatively, Venetians and vertical blinds can give your room a modern, contemporary feel. Excellent for privacy and filtering in light, these types of blinds have gone through a transformation over the last few years. In the past, plain vertical blinds adorned soulless, sterile offices but with slimline vanes, bold vibrant colours and quality fabrics, they can really give your room….and office… a chic and modern appeal.

Have we whetted your appetite? Treat your home this Christmas to some brand new blinds. For guaranteed fitting on most of our products for Christmas your order will need to be placed by the 4th December so contact us now to book an appointment.