Tips and ideas

Opening up to the idea of shutters!

You don’t need to be a curtain-twitcher to have spotted the increasing popularity of interior window shutters! But why have they become such a feature? Besides the fact they look stunning, and bring a real sense of style to your home, they have some very obvious practical advantages too. Firstly, […]
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Put away the paintbrush – new blinds are all you need!

The Christmas decorations are down and I bet you’re sitting there thinking how bare and drab the place looks without them?  A refresh of the house is often on the cards in the New Year as we try to brighten the place up after the Christmas festivities and prepare ourselves […]
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Why choose motorised blinds?

Motorised blinds from Val Hever Blinds

Motorised roller blinds have come a long over the last couple of years. Historically, the cost of motorising blinds and then fitting them was more expensive than the blind itself. Not only that, it left unsightly wiring and additional drill-holes in the wall that spoilt the overall aesthetic appearance. Thankfully, […]
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