Allusion Blinds

Unique & Stunning

Allusion® blinds provide a beautiful shading solution for your room, producing subtle light diffusion when open, or warmth and privacy when closed. These unique and stunning blinds filter light during the daytime whilst still offering an outside view. Consisting of a perfect combination of opaque and sheer textured fabric … Allusion® blinds boast a particularly stunning appearance in large windows or patio / bi-folding doors. For the ideal luxurious & stylish feel, these blinds can be motorised with state of the art One Touch® rechargeable motors.


Allusion Blinds Features

  • Beautiful shading solution
  • Produces subtle light diffusion when open
  • Warmth and privacy when closed
  • Combination of opaque & sheer textured fabric
  • Stunning appearance in large windows & doors
  • Can be motorised with rechargeable motors