Conservatory Blinds

A Relaxing, Warm Ambience

Beautiful, well-designed conservatories deserve nothing less than the most exceptional blinds. Available in a range of colours, our impressive collection of conservatory blinds is designed to showcase the beauty of your conservatory design. They will create a warm ambience that makes your conservatory a relaxing place to work or unwind alone or with family, anytime of the year.

Increase Your Comfort With EnviroFilm

EnviroFilm is a 2ply, UK sourced, premium quality solar film designed to reflect heat & glare away in summertime. In the winter months EnviroFilm houses a Low-E coating to bounce heat back into your conservatory. In addition you will benefit from a UV filter to protect your soft furnishings from sun damage. EnviroFilm is installed internally to the underside of your existing roof. Once installed it reflects radiant heat from the source – that being in the summertime from the sun or the wintertime from the internally generated heat. EnviroFilm can be cleaned with simply a quick wipe over with a damp cloth & is therefore practically maintenance free.

Conservatory Blinds Features

  • High quality performance fabrics such as ESP™ provide insulation to help keep you warmer in winter.
  • Advanced fabric technology such as SPC® to filter light and reduce glare to help protect furniture and plants.
  • An effective way to increase privacy and security.