Opening up to the Idea of Shutters!

Opening up to the Idea of Shutters!

You don’t need to be a curtain-twitcher to have spotted the increasing popularity of interior window shutters!

But why have they become such a feature?

Besides the fact they look stunning, and bring a real sense of style to your home, they have some very obvious practical advantages too. Firstly, their versatility is a huge advantage.  They can be made to fit even the most tricky of spaces, from traditional bays to modern bi-folds and less conventionally-shaped windows. Operable louvres and panels give you great control of light and privacy, and have also been shown to help reduce street noise, making them ideal for windows close to a busy road or walkway.

Furthermore, shutters have been proven to help prevent heat loss in the winter months, making them an energy efficient option, into the deal! Stylists love them because they work well in all manner of homes, adding a traditional touch to older houses, and bringing some classic style to more modern buildings. They also add interest to the most neutral of rooms, and can be used in addition to, alongside or instead of fabric blinds.

So what’s stopping you getting started with shutters?  Browse the fantastic selection on our website, and then give us a ring to talk through your precise needs.

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