Blackout Blinds – They’re Not Just for Kids!

Benefits of Blackout Blinds – They’re Not Just for Kids!

Summer is well and truly on its way! Great news of course, but for parents struggling to get little ones to sleep as the nights get lighter, it can be a bit of a headache. Blackout blinds have provided the perfect solution for many a fretful parent, ensuring little ones can easily drift off into the land of nod, getting a full night’s rest – meaning they can too! But did you know, they also offer great benefits in other ways?  So you don’t need to stop at the kids’ rooms … Essentially, a blackout blind does exactly what it says on the tin – it blocks out the light.  If you need more of an incentive to get them installed, however, here are four more reasons to consider them for throughout your home:

They’re great insulators

On cold days, they’ll help retain the heat inside and when the weather warms up, they’ll help to keep the room cooler

They give excellent sound insulation

If street noise is the bane of your life and it’s keeping you awake at night, blackout blinds can help to dampen down the noise and make the environment more conducive for a good night’s sleep.

They give you privacy

Privacy is a big feature of blackout blinds. They’re perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms… any room in the house really! Not only do they stop the light from entering your room, but they also stop people from outside seeing the lights you have on inside (great for avoiding unwanted attention!).  And there really is no better way to create the cinema-feel in the living room!

They’ll stop your furniture fading

Blackout blinds are brilliant for stopping your furniture fabrics fading in bright sunlight.

Blackout roller and roman blinds are the most popular choice. They’re lightweight, easy and quick to install and are suitable for any size window.

If you would like a quote on having blackout blinds installed, or would like to know more about the options available, please get in touch. We’re always happy to help.

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