Benefits of Blackout and Thermal Blinds

Benefits of Blackout and Thermal Blinds

Now that the dark nights are drawing in and winter is on the horizon I increasingly get asked by customers about blackout and thermal blinds. Both of these become very popular during the autumn and winter seasons and whilst you may think that summer would be the best time to get blackout blinds to block out all the sun we’re supposed to have, autumn and winter are also good seasons to have them installed because of the thermal qualities that they have.

Essentially blackout blinds do exactly what they say on the tin – they block out the light. You can’t beat them for giving you absolute privacy because they don’t only stop light from entering the room; they also stop people from seeing the lights you have on inside the room. So, if you’re looking to have a cosy night in watching a film and having a glass of wine then there’s nothing better then closing your blackout blinds and creating that cinema-like feel!

But there’s more to blackout blinds than just blocking out the light. Here are some of the other benefits of having them installed:

  • They act as great insulators. In the cold months to come, they will help to retain the heat inside and when the weather warms up, they help to keep the room cooler.
  • They give excellent sound insulation. If street noises are the bane of your life and keep you awake at night then drawing your blackout blinds will help to dampen down the noises and make the environment more conducive for a good nights sleep.
  • If you’ve got young children then blackout blinds are perfect for helping them sleep. Children can get easily disturbed by sound and light so blackout blinds in their bedroom can really help them with getting undisturbed nights sleep.
  • As mentioned earlier, privacy is a big feature of blackout blinds so they’re perfect for bathrooms, dressing rooms, home cinema rooms etc
  • Blackout blinds are also great for stopping your furniture fabrics fading in bright sunlight.

Blackout roller and roman blinds are the most popular choice. They’re lightweight and easy to install. If you’re thinking about having some blackout blinds installed and would like to know more about the options available then please get in touch. I would be happy to help.

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